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Asana + Writing: A Weekend in Boulder, CO

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Location: The School for Ecstatic Unfoldment in Boulder, CO

This course is ideal for you if you’re a…

  • Yoga teacher seeking a better understanding of the power of language, and want to speak effectively, accurately, and confidently, both when teaching as well as in your life;
  • Yogi/dancer/mover who wants to express the profound experiences you have while in your practice;
  • Writer who wants to get out of your head, and experience the body’s perspective;
  • Human interested in learning to speak or write more powerfully, and connect more honestly with your body.

In this 3-day program, acclaimed author and experienced yoga teacher, Peach Friedman, will progressively take you through a writing and movement immersion experience.

Through asana, movement, exercises + conversation, Peach will guide you through somatic awareness practices as well as physical movement exercises and offer specific writing prompts to inspire your engagement with the material.