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Savor the Summer: 21 Days of Seasonally Inspired Practice

Harness the power of the sun!


Do you sense the air of a fresh-start come September? For many of us, August carries a heavy quality, as the waning of bright, buoyant summer months begins.

In yoga, summer's hot qualities can both invite in a time for big, strong practice, as well as urge us to balance the heat with more cooling, calming practices. We get to be right there in the paradox, and play the delicate edge between these two pulls.

This online class begs you to slow down and savor summer, to take advantage of the fullness and the heat, before fall ushers in its own flurry of activity with falling leaves and cooler nights.

What you get:

  • VIDEO CONTENT: Three full length, full-bodied practices. These stronger asana classes emphasize building heat toward bigger postures, including back bends and arm balances. These will help you harness the heat of the summer months!
  • VIDEO CONTENT: Two slow and steady practices, aimed at restoring and cooling both mind and body. These classes are perfect to help tame excess heat, and bring you back into balance.
  • VIDEO CONTENT: Two brief pranayama practices (breathing practices) - one to build heat, and another to build balance. To use before/after your physical practices, or on their own!
  • AUDIO CONTENT: One guided meditation geared toward body appreciation. You can listen to this anytime you feel frenzied, or out of touch. Calming, grounding, and self-love inducing.
  • AUDIO CONTENT: One Savasana meditation - for when you want an extra long rest. To play after a physical practice, or on it's own!
  • INSPIRING GROUP FORUM: Daily reminders + inspirations to keep going and keep each other going! You'll be added to a private Facebook group where Peach will touch base daily throughout the program, surprise you with some bonus videos, inspiring messages, and helpful tools to keep you engaged.

This online program runs from Aug 1-21, 2017. Video + audio content will be made available during the first week. Group interaction + support continues until the 21st.

Only $108. Come play!

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