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Embodied Writing: An Online Course

Rediscover your physical body as a vehicle to access your voice // Sense into your fat, skin, blood, bones, and organs…and listen to what they’re trying to tell you // Hone your language to more accurately reflect your message // Practice embodiment techniques to unlock silenced voices from within // Unravel lost inner landscapes and stand on a solid physical foundation: land in your own body. Know where you are now. Speak from that place.

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This course is ideal for you if you’re a…

  • Yoga teacher seeking a better understanding of the power of language, and want to speak effectively, accurately, and confidently, both when teaching as well as in your life;
  • Yogi/dancer/mover who wants to express the profound experiences you have while in your practice;
  • Writer who wants to get out of your head, and experience the body’s perspective;
  • Human interested in learning to speak or write more powerfully, and connect more honestly with your body.

In this 28-day online program, acclaimed author and experienced yoga teacher, Peach Friedman, will progressively take you through a month-long writing and movement immersion experience.

Through live video lecture + conversation (everything is recorded and available for you to watch later), handouts, and other resources, you’ll learn about the yogic map we call the five Kosas. Known in yoga philosophy as the sheaths, or ‘bodies,’ of our whole self, these will become a back drop for our study together. Peach will guide you through somatic awareness practices as well as physical movement exercises and offer specific writing prompts each week to inspire your engagement with the material.

This course is held entirely online. Live weekly videos will be made available in a private, secure Facebook group via Facebook Live. All videos are recorded and saved in the group for you to watch anytime, and as many times as you like.

Weekly emails will be sent containing handouts, articles, and extra inspiration for you to stay engaged with the material as much (or as little) as suits your life.

Lively discussion, Q+A, and sharing (as much, or as little as you like) are encouraged in our online forum.

Any and all writing produced during this course is for your personal use. If you wish, you may submit one piece written during our program for constructive feedback from Peach. There are no expectations to share or produce anything.

Live Meetings Thursdays in May + June at 11am Pacific: May 18, 25 and June 1, 8

Weekly emails sent on the Wednesday before each meeting with handouts and other relevant materials.

Register now and receive a welcome letter + video from Peach, plus materials for what you can do ahead of time to prepare.

Your investment: $108.

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