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Dirty Little Secrets: An Online Course

Dirty Little Secrets: The Dark Side of Yoga, Enlightened Living, and Living in the Light

This year's theme: Body Image and Images of Embodiment. Begins Feb 2, 2017

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Led by Livia Cohen-Shapiro, co-taught by Peach Friedman, with guest teachers Christina Sell and Melissa Michaels.

We often begin yoga as a way to turn towards the Light, the Goodness and the deeper understanding of who we are. Whether we begin in hopes of healing an injury of body, or a broken heart, or unsettled soul, we set out on this journey as a way to remember our wholeness, lighten our beings and feel Good in life and body.

And then…

Somewhere along the path of practice we discover its not all rainbow and unicorns “out there” or “in here”. We see the limitations of a yoga practice. We get injured. We get hurt. We get a broken heart. We become jaded. We get angry. We loose faith.  We act out. We ignore. We pretend. We come up with great strategies of non-resolution. We become part of a yoga culture for better and for worse.

What if the myriad of thoughts, feelings and behaviors were simply opportunities to understand ourselves more deeply? What if this was good news for the Path and not taken as fear things aren’t working? How exactly do we carry on once we have seen a glimmer (or a tsunami) of the Shadow in our yoga and ourselves? How do we stay the course when we come face to face with the aspects of ourselves and our communities that shock us, bewilder us and anger us? How do we reclaim our power and proficiency in grounded, rooted and connected ways to ourselves, the Path and Spirit?

These are big questions. This Applied Psychology for Yogis course has some answers. This course is perfect for all teachers, students and practitioners of yoga who are….

  • Interested in learning about and understanding the Shadow in a grounded non woo-woo way.
  • Feel at minimum slightly disenfranchised, jaded and skeptical of current yoga culture.
  • Have specific interested in understanding their own struggles with body image in the presence of yoga.
  • Are concerned about how bodies are portrayed in contemporary yoga culture.
  • Have shame, blame or guilt about themselves or another.
  • Interested in gaining practical, body-centered tools for facing, working with, befriending, and ultimately utilizing the Shadow.
  • Interested in cultivating more sensitivity and body positive yoga practices and classes.
  • Wanting to renorm the social norms of body in yoga.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • February 2nd, 2017 - April 13th, 2017
  • Thursdays at 12pm MST
  • Live Session Dates:
    • February 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd
    • March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th
    • April 6th and 13th.
  • Tuition  $530 (see payment options below)
  • Classes are roughly 50-60 minutes in length. 
  • All sessions are recorded and downloadable so you do not have to attend live.
  • Limited to 30 participants.
  • Sessions with Guest Faculty:
    • Peach Friedman ERYT and author of Diary of an Exercise Addict

    • Christina Sell renowned yoga teacher, founder of San Marcos School of Yoga and author of Yoga from the Inside Out"and My Body is a Temple

    • Melissa Michaels Ed.D., founder and director of SomaSource educational programs, Surfing the Creative international rites of passage programs and Golden Bridge Non-Profit; author of Youth on Fire

What You Receive:

  • 10 Classes with Livia and Peach
  • 1 Somatic Mentoring Session with Livia
  • Office hours as needed.
  • Access to an online forum for discussion, questions.
  • Online video and audio asana classes incorporating the themes of the week. 
  • Readings to deepen your exploration and expand your knowledge.
  • Asana, writing and creative assignments that name, explore and harvest the wisdom of your shadows.
  • Guest Lectures with Christina Sell and Melissa Michaels--teachers who walk the path of Light well and model examples of healed body image.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The Shadow as a necessary function of Psyche: terms and theories that define and clarify
  • The Shadow of Embodiment
  • Body Image in the world of yoga-- cultural context and introjects.
  • How the Shadow stays intact: the various ego defenses as keys to unlocking your natural wisdom.
  • Ways the Shadow takes Form: feeling and seeing your own body Shadows with courage.
  • Naming our Cultural Body Shadow: the world of yoga and its dark side in modern culture. 
  • Naming our Personal Body Shadow: looking at and loving ourselves through shame, blame, guilt and doubt.
  • Befriending the Shadow: learn how to trust the ebb and flow of darkness and harvesting our creative power from the seemingly menacing parts of self. 
  • Addiction, Subjugation, Criticism of the body.
  • Shining Through: the power of the Golden Shadow and learning to live in the Light.

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